Journal of Advance Management Research

Journal of Advance Management Research

Volume : 3
Issue : 1
Frequency : 3 Issue(s)/Year
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About this journal

The Journal of Advance Management Research is published quarterly by Enriched publications. Journal of Advance Management Research is peer reviewed journal and monitored by a team of reputed editorial board members. This journal consists of research articles, reviews, and case studies on Management. This journal mainly focuses on the latest and most common subjects of its domain.

Articles of this Issue
1. Awareness and Acceptance of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Among Management Students
Author Dr. Nimit Gupta Ms. Sanchita Agarwal Ms. Shreya Gupta Login
Pages 1 to 14
Further Information

 The Swachh Bharat mission was started by the government of India on 2nd October 2014. Our

Prime Minister, shri Narendra Modi initiated this campaign and nominated 9 people, lastly
forming a branching tree until the message will reach all corners for the country. The main of
this mission include, creating awareness among people relating to the cleanliness of their
surroundings and the environment through proper waste management, termination of open
defecation, reconstruction of insanitary toilets to proper flush toilets, assuring a behavioral
change in people regarding healthy sanitation practices, supporting urban or local bodies
for the proper hygiene conditions. The purpose of this research is to measure the awareness
and acceptance level for the Swachh Bharat Mission also known as the clean mission of India
among the management students and to determine the positive and negative factors in the
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. In this paper descriptive research method will be used and data will
be collected through a structured cross-sectional survey (questionnaire), which asked
descriptive and interpretive questions to the management students. The outcome of this study
will throw on mentalities issues due to which there is a sought of biasness among people , due
to which government efforts are getting slower day by day. The research would be helpful to
practicing managers, government officials and policy makers.
Keywords: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Awareness, Government, Survey, Descriptive,
Management Students
2. Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST): A Case of Mass Rapid Transportation System of Delhi
Author Sachin Sabharwal Varun Kumar Login
Pages 15 to 32
Further Information

 Delhi has a population of 18 million of which DTC and Delhi Metro together carry around

6.45 million passenger trips per day (36% of cities population use these modes of public
transport). Attracting remaining 44% of cities population to justify the statement of '80%
trips by public transport by 2020' in the recent Master Plan of Delhi, is a big challenge in
itself. With the expanding Metro Rail facility, it is assumed that additional ridership of 2
million will be attracted by 2016. But what about DTC? The question about DTC attracting
ridership is doubtful considering the above statistical analysis of its performance. DTC,
being one of the best option for mass transport in Delhi after metro rail, has to undergo series
of reforms in order to provide good service to passengers along with taking measures towards
cost cutting. There may be several reasons associated with huge deficits of DTC which needs
to be addressed in order to make itself financially sustainable for future. Delhi is and will
remain the administrative capital city of India and therefore the capital region has to have
better and efficient public transport system as it is directly associated with the national image.
Usage of cleaner fuel starting from unleaded petrol, usage of LPG, CNG variants of vehicles
particularly compulsion of CNG based mass transportation by Delhi Transport Corporation
and then development of Metro Rail project contributed to reduction in air pollution by mass
3. Sustainability through Green Marketing
Author Sonia Ruhi Ajay Pratap Singh Login
Pages 33 to 40
Further Information

 With the emergence of a large number of environmental problems all over the world,

there arises a need to preserve and protect the earth's natural environment and finite
resources. Both the marketers and the consumers are nowadays focusing on green
products and services. Going Green, Sustainability, Green revolution, Ecofriendliness,
Save Earth, Save Planet are the new philosophies of today's scenario. To
accompany these philosophies, industries are adopting Green Marketing in order to
sustain in the market place. What actually is Green Marketing and how does it lead to
sustainable development is the objective of this paper titled ”Sustainability through
Green Marketing”. The paper aims to highlight key strategies of marketing using a
Green Model.
Keywords: Green Marketing, Green Products, Green Consumers, Sustainability,
Sustainable Development
4. The Context of Managing Change in Libraries and Information Centers
Author Harish Chander Surjeet Kumar Login
Pages 41 to 51
Further Information

 Change sustains human life on the earth. Organizational changes are necessary for the

development of any organization. Libraries are facing many changes in the ICT era. This
paper discusses about the change process, how to deal with the changing environment and
managing change in libraries.
Keywords: Change Management; Library and Information Centers; Quality Service.

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